Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Some of you might remember the classic Burger King commercial where three cute old ladies open up a burger from McDonalds and ask "Where's the Beef?". Well we had the same feeling after seeing the latest installment of our favorite spy James Bond in "Quantum of Solace".

If you’re asking what Burger King has to do with the new Bond movie, keep reading and you will soon understand. Don't get us wrong we actually liked the movie, but we left the theaters with that empty feeling inside, like we missed out on something we came to love. Where were the witty fights between James Bond and his gadget guy Q? Where were the pens that turned into missals with just one click? Where was gum that after chewing for 5 seconds could dissolve through steel? Where were the great car scenes with a bad ass Aston Martin/Jaguar or any other car that would make any grown man week in the knees? And most importantly where were the hot (and we mean really hot) Bond girls that also could also affect a grown man (but in different places than his knees).

We missed all these things that we have come to expect from a Bond flick and damn it we want them back! To be fair, there were some positives to the movie. The many (maybe one too many) action scenes were very well directed with exciting and new camera angles. The story was kind of interesting with MI6 turning on their best spy. And Daniel Craig does add a new dimension to a classic character.

All in all, we do recommend "Quantum of Solace" as good movie to check-out and fill up some free time. But we won't be happy until they bring back the James Bond (and definitely don't forget the Bond Girls!) that we all have grown to love.

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