Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Attack of Tween Pop!!

We at Out & About need to get something of our chests. Please indulge us as we begin to rant. We've had it with the new crop of tween pop that has been polluting our ears for the past few months. Artists (if you can call them that) like Miley Cyrus and those god-awful Jonas Brothers need to be stopped and stopped now.
We don't want to come off sounding like old fashioned geezers, but come on people who can really call theses Disney-produced kids real artists? We are offended by the lack of real talent that any of these pre-pubescent brats really have. If you look behind the perfect hair and clothes, you'll discover neither that “adorable” Miley nor "hunky" Jonas Brothers write, produce or arrange any of their own music. Instead you have a team of real artists and Disney Executives working behind the scenes calling all the shot.

And if that's not enough these little monsters are actually extremely popular and successful (insert our jealousy right here). Both have already sold millions of copies of their cd's, dvd's and any other piece of crap that their fans can get a hold of. Making both the Jonas Brothers and Miley multi-millionaires before they reach the ages of 16 (ooh the pain; we don’t even have 20LE in our bank). It makes you ask yourself who is actually buying this junk and why?

Listen up people we need to do something before this gets anymore out of control. We at Out & About are asking you to tell us about your favorite real artists and why, and we will spotlight them on this blog. So start sending us your favorites and who knows maybe we can reverse all the bad that has been done by Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

Ah, we feel so much better now!

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