Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Need a lil extra cash?

It wouldn't be the holidays without feeling that pinch in your wallet. Let's be honest we're all broke come this time of year (and for some its all year round, you know who we're talking about). If you're thinking how you're going to come up with some extra cash to get those last remaining Eid/Christmas gifts, then turn your radio dials to Nile FM (104.2) and they might have the answer we all desperately need.

As part of their Christmas celebrations, Nile FM will be running the "12 Scenes of Christmas" contest where one lucky person (God, we hope it's us) have the chance to win the grand prize of 10,000 LE. Finally a prize we sink our teeth into!!. Details for the contest are still a little fuzzy, but so far we know that our favorite morning presenters; Lou and Heba will be testing your knowledge on classic Christmas movie scenes.
More details can be heard on the Mobilnil Wakeup Call with Lou and Heba on December 14 from 8am - 11am, where the contest rules will be given and things will become a little bit clearer.

So start getting ready folks, and watch those classic Christmas Movies. But don't come asking us for any help, cause when there is money on the line we at Out & About tend to get a little nasty, but at least here’s the link so you can start listening right away. http://www.nilefmonline.com/nfmplayer/player.htm#

Good Luck!

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