Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mojo Lounge Grill

It seems that new cafe/lounge concepts are popping up all over Cairo recently. Most can be skipped, but sometimes there are those diamonds in the rough that should not be. One such new cafe/lounge that we recently tried (and actually enjoyed) was the Mojo Lounge. Being open for about 5 months, Mojo Lounge is a beautiful addition to local dinning scene.

Designed in a simple yet elegant manner, think Sequoia without the Nile and those annoying tents. Mojo Lounge has done a lot with the rather lackluster location it has chosen. Katemeya's 5th District (like most of the city, it seems) is going through a huge building boom, but what makes Mojo Lounge so successful is its secluded, calm and serene setting (even thought its out-doors) would make you none the wiser.

Like most of Cairo's high-end cafe/lounges the menu leaves much to be desired. The standard items are all there (same old pastas and sandwiches). But what Mojo might lack in variety and selection, it makes up for quality and taste of the food. We especially enjoyed the Tomato Soup (best Tomato Soup we had outside the U.S.) and the Thai Chicken Dish.

In our opinion, Mojo Lounge might be a drive, but its well worth it. But don't forget to bring a sweater, it sure can get chilly during the upcoming winter nights.

Mojo Lounge Grill
106, Town Center
Off Road 90
5th District, New Cairo

Tel: 012-9269269
email: reservations@mojothelounge.com
web: http://www.mojothelounge.com/


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I confirm that Mojo is a night place. We went for friday lunch on a very hot day. The fans make it cooler. The food was freshly cooked and the cocktails were delicious.