Monday, December 1, 2008

"Disaster Movie" is a real Disaster

You know when you have high expectations for a certain movie and they come crashing down in a large flame of glory. Thats the feeling we had after seeing the "Disaster Movie". The idea of the film is simple and has been done successfully many other times, but watching the movie felt worse than watching a slow motion train crash that never ends up crashing. Most disappointing about the movie is that the mainly unknown cast and crew had such ripe material for them to satirize. Such big blockbuster movies like the Hulk, Iron Man, and even independent ones like Juno have so much comedic material that the mainly lame jokes they choose for the film were a bust.

We would love to continue ripping the film apart based solely on lack of a good script and comedic jokes, but we would remissive if we did not mention the less than stellar cast. We had the great honor of experiencing the theatrical talents of such great American Actors as Kim Kardashian, Carmen Electra and that one guy (his proformance was that bad that he doesn't deserve his name printed).

The bashing could (and we would love too!!) continue for pages but we need to move on and try to forget the tragic events that we have experienced in the past. The moral of the story kids, is that you should not just walk, jogg, but run as fast as humanly possible away from any screening of the "Disaster Movie"

One final thought just came to us, we give mucho kudos to the genius that named this "Disaster Movie", you couldn't have a more fitting title.

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